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Keya, Koby and Amelia - The Fluffy Adventures

Together we form an indestructible trio of love, playtime and adventures. 

Here at The Fluffy Adventures it’s all about the experience. “No Puddle Too Muddy” I like to say, but what this really means is I will go above and beyond whenever I can.

Dogs will be matched to a group that best suits their likes and needs, with the aim for every dog to meet their new BFF. Group Dog Walks are so much more than some exercise, they provide highly important socialisation & experiences with a variety of different dogs that they may not have the opportunity to experience otherwise.

If you’re still not sure if The Fluffy Adventures is right for you, why not book in a FREE trail walk. For every new customer I highly recommend booking in a trail walk so both you & I can make sure we find the best fit for your dog.

About me:

All my life I have grown up with dogs and the moment I could get my own dogs I rescued 2, Keya and Koby. As rescues, I have experienced firsthand how unique all dogs' needs and personalities are.

I am fully insured, MOD licensed and First Aid Trained. I am very passionate about working with dogs, so I always feel like I can do more, I hope to complete Dog Behavioural studies to further understand why dogs do what they do. 

Van Crates_edited.jpg

The Best Transport

The dog's comfort is always key with my decisions; so I have acquired a van fully kitted out with Air-Con in the back specifically designed to keep the dogs cool.

The van has been professionally fitted with 6 safe and secure cages of varying sizes. Each cage is fitted with locks, anti-slip flooring and a comfy blanket for transport. The cages can be locked for additional security and can be opened from all doors in cases of emergency. 

Contact Me

If you have any questions, are interested in a photo shoot of your pooch, or think I would be a suitable dog walker for you and your dog. Please contact me using the email, phone number, or form below.

We can't wait to hear from you!


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